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De-icing Salt

Animal Nutrition

Hard water is water that contains invisible dissolved rock, principally calcium and magnesium minerals.

Most commonly, people notice the effect of hard water because of a build-up of scale in kettles and on shower heads.

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The chemical industry is by far the largest consumer of salt.

lt is the raw material for the production of chlorine (Cl) and caustic soda (sodium hydroxide, NaOH).

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Salt, i.e. Sodium chloride is the most widely used de-icing agent in Europe and throughout the world due to its huge advantages over the alternatives.

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Animals also require salt to keep them healthy. 

The right salt intake ensures their growth, strong immune and reproductive systems. Often agricultural animals and commercial livestock.

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Amra Salt Co. is a Jordanian Factory established in 1986. The Dead Sea Salinas is the Factory’s main sources of the raw salt. 

By maintaining high standards and consistency of high quality products as well as fulfilling consumers’’ needs, AMRA SALT is considered the leader of the salt manufacturing sector in Jordan.

Due to the production capacity of Pure Salt which reached 100 tons per day with extra 75 tons per day of High Purity Vacuum Salt, AMRA SALT is now positioned amongst the big producers of salt in the Middle East.


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